Friday, November 10, 2006

Chapter 2:

ahh, busy busy busy. new job, new appartment ( oddly enough, its a minute away from said new job). i currently dont have internet hookup, but i will this week. i dont have alot to mention, other than my new appartment is sweet! i will be taking tons of pics of it, dont just waiting for a nice day. a bunch of pics of the pouring wet rain doesnt exactly fly too well.

oh well , ill be back soon, dont worry!

lots of love,
your local neighborhood delinquant


Blogger Daniel said...

Great to hear from you man!

I'm happy you like your new place!

Looking good in that white and blue.

Who's the chick? One of your numerous devotees or something more.... (?)


Go see my pics from Montreal and Costa Rica if you haven't already on my blog when you have time (And internet apparently)

Talk to you later dude!

1:47 PM  

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