Tuesday, January 02, 2007

bottom of the pile

hey kids, happy 07, we made it!

still working on getting that scanner but until then heres some older stuff i found, i think im done recruiting for the show now, but im not sure, gotta check that list i have which i left at work, ill report back tomorrow, this time i promise!

oh yeaa, i forgot, i was asked back in september if id like to work on a mascot for the 2010 olympics, so i did it but the paperwork was a total headache for me for some reason then.....kicking myself, but oh well. hope ya dig!



Blogger Mega said...

whoa , thats hype! the colors changed ,but i kinda like the change on the car pic.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Conicon said...

Hey there dood!

I hear your working with my friend Hyoji at Studio B now, awesome!

We all miss the animal house parties. Should hook up one of these days for some shinaniggins.



4:54 PM  

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