Saturday, October 27, 2007

heres whats up

I dunno if anyone is interrested, but ive had to start up another blog in an attempt to make money, this time though its more on a professional level. ive been doing up cd covers and logos, music flyers ( some of this is for my group, by the way, another reason i havent been posting stuff).

here is the link:

I will eventually post drawings here too. Ive been drawing lots, but due to the idea of what im doing, I cannot show you. think of it like this: if my idea works, ill have a show for you. im going big on this people!

talk soon,



Blogger Abz said...

Good luck on all your top secret work...I know what it's like. I cant post work that hasnt been 'released' yet either. I do want you to keep updating though- I'll check out your new site now. Good luck buddy!

8:20 AM  

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