Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Volunteerz Mixtape cover

Wow, finally finished this one. doing characatures kinda sucks! So what I did for this one, which was kind of a cool experiment was trace photographs , adding my own quirky lines to it to add to the flavor. its kind of fun doing this because you get to experiment with different facial features, such as jowels, imperfections, and hair. actually, the hair i learned the most from. i think after doing this, it really tightened my style. I probably should explain what this is though! this image is the cover for a CD that me and all these guys worked on. after being hounded by them all for not working on it , I decided to step it up and get going. Im happy with the results, Hope you all like it!

Can you spot me in here?



did this for the excitement blog, thought id share the wealth!