Saturday, January 06, 2007

FOURTY show PT 2


Sorry about not talking about this more, the past month was horrible! soo much work constantly coming at me.
Okay, so here is the poster for the FOURTY show, im still recruiting , tell your friends! ( please, north american only) also, im pushing the show back again, im thinking april.....lets get discussing this folks, lets get this set up!

see you soon

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

bottom of the pile

hey kids, happy 07, we made it!

still working on getting that scanner but until then heres some older stuff i found, i think im done recruiting for the show now, but im not sure, gotta check that list i have which i left at work, ill report back tomorrow, this time i promise!

oh yeaa, i forgot, i was asked back in september if id like to work on a mascot for the 2010 olympics, so i did it but the paperwork was a total headache for me for some reason then.....kicking myself, but oh well. hope ya dig!