Monday, November 13, 2006



okay everyone, heres whats going on:

i am wanting to put on a massive art show with a theme, as i may or may not have found a venue for one. this place is massive by the way. i had some ideas, but if any of you want to toss some ideas up in the air, feel free! im looking for something phenominal.

here are some of the themes i had:

a show where there are 40 artists displaying their works on a 40 oz bottle of your favorite malt liquor. its a toss up between bull max and the black label big ten haha.

a show dedicated to the man terry fox. try to make it a fundraiser show.

every artist does up two pictures using only two colors.

so yeah, if you want to do a show, make a comment on this post saying youre in, and we shall talk further.