Friday, September 29, 2006

Black Label Supreme

Hohoh, You thought I was gone......Had no faith in me, well IM BACK BABY!
yeah, ill admit, i got busy, and work took over my life, but today is the last day! in celebration, im posting everything i could find! mostly unfinished of course, but its someting!

expect more now that im a freee man!

oh, the airplane sick bag, funny story with this one haha.....the night before leaving new brundswick from my contract from fatkat, I called a meeting with my crew, my NB crew, and said "YO, we gotta do things right here, lets play a game" ....
that game was edward 40 hands. now, most people dont know what this horrible game is, but its involving two bottles of 40 ounce malt liquor bottles, such as colt personal favorite is a magical bottle called Bull max. it rocks. anyways, new Brundswick dont carry the Bull, so i had to substitute with colt 45s. no worries. so, this gaem, you have to duct tape a 40 to each hand. the whole purpose of the game is to get gooned. still with me? good. yeah, needless to say, i got so sick that i couldnt pack my bags ( diddnt eat anything all day.....big mistake folks), or clean up my mess from the house. i was puking everywhere! i get on the plane, i puked like 7 times. this old lady scolded me for being in the bathroom too long, then made a scene when she saw the pukey bathroom! hahaha, i dont even care! so , anyways, still sick, i figured that some rum would cure me. so , all pukey, im drinking rum like a madman, then draw all these retarded drawings, alot of them i gave to my friend, they were pretty offensive haha ( but ill see if i can get them back to scan )... anyways, heres a treat from 40,000 feet up. oh, and the rest of this stuff, its all recent. but i wanted to tell the story of my alcohol abuse. enjoy!