Friday, February 02, 2007


Heres some designs from george of the jungle.....both were modified after i did these, so i think its safe to post these up.....sorry for the quality, my scanner is currently my digital camera.

the octopus one, george is supposed to be milking the octopus, but i wasnt allowed to show nipples, so that was removed....i dont get how that works..youd think if a cartoon can milk an octopus, youd be able to show what hes doing? guess i was wrong. the other dude is a monster or something, not to sure.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


ha, sorry kids, its kinda hard to show off stuff when you dont have a scanner.....anyways, heres a vector pic i did for tenforward , the store thats holdin the 40 show in april....turns out they wanna put on shows every month! heres one now! if youre in van around then, stop on by , their last show was nuts, and this show is surely going to be better.


just a reminder